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Maximizing ROI with Meta Ads for Local Businesses

Local businesses can greatly benefit from Meta Ads by targeting customers in specific geographic areas. With the ability to reach users based on their location, Meta Ads provide an effective way to promote your business to nearby customers. This article discusses strategies to maximize ROI with Meta Ads for local businesses, helping you attract more customers and increase sales.


Ad Strategies


Use location-based targeting to reach potential customers in your area. This can be as specific as a single neighborhood or as broad as an entire city. Geo-targeting ensures that your ads are seen by people who are most likely to visit your physical location.

“War” Strategy

We employ a strategy called “war” from the old board game, where you expand your geo location as you acquire territory. You can determine how many times you want each person to see your ads in each location (by looking at the metric Frequency, inside the ad manager). Once you have reached that number (let’s say, for instance, 3 times), you can expand to the next location, excluding or separating the initial location.

Local Awareness Ads

Promote your business to people nearby with Local Awareness Ads. These ads are designed to increase foot traffic by providing information such as your address, phone number, and business hours.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Encourage users to visit your store or contact you by including a strong CTA in your ads. Examples include “Visit Us Today,” “Call Now,” or “Get Directions.” Additionally, we’ve seen great results by inviting people to send a message via WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram. The selected platform will be based on your target audience. Usually, younger audiences use IG DMs, older audiences use Facebook Messenger, and foreign audiences, especially Indians, Mexicans, and Brazilians, use WhatsApp.

Practical Tips

Ad Scheduling

Run ads during peak business hours when potential customers are most likely to be online. This ensures that your ads are seen at the right time, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Offers and Promotions

Use limited-time offers and promotions to attract local customers. Highlight discounts, special deals, or exclusive events to drive traffic to your store.

Community Engagement

Engage with local customers through comments and messages. Respond to inquiries promptly and interact with users to build a strong community presence.

Instagram Follower Campaigns

Use videos with the owner of the brand inviting people to learn more about the business. This approach increases your reach and keeps your business top of mind when people need your services/products.


By leveraging geo-targeting and local awareness ads, local businesses can effectively reach and engage their target audience. Ready to maximize your ROI with Meta Ads? Contact Latin Launch Inc and let us help you create effective local advertising campaigns.

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