Elevate Your Lead Generation Strategy

Hello and welcome to Latin Launch! We’re thrilled to offer moving companies like yours a groundbreaking opportunity to redefine online advertising effectiveness. Picture a scenario where you only pay for leads that exactly fit your business needs. Yes, it’s possible — that’s what we excel at.


Exceed Expectations with Proven Results

We have significantly improved lead generation, conversion rates, and ROI for numerous moving companies with customized strategies that exceed expectations.

Google Ads

We target your ads to capture the attention of potential customers at the exact moment they are searching for moving services.

Google Local Service Ads 🎯

Ideal for moving companies, you only pay for verified leads in your service area, efficiently and measurably increasing your return on investment.

Customizable Ad Budgets💲

With our detailed reports and regular meetings, we continuously refine your strategies to ensure the best results.

CRM Integration with SmartMoving🔄

Automate the flow of potential clients and organize your contacts to improve the conversion of leads into paying customers.

Ongoing Analysis and Strategy 🔍

With our detailed reports and regular meetings, we continuously refine your strategies to ensure the best results.

Key Performance Indicators 🗝️

Our KPIs are not only budget-friendly but also adaptable to market trends and consumer behaviors.

Digital Growth for Moving Companies

Transform Your Moving Company with Proven Digital Strategies

Maximize your reach and effectiveness with advertising campaigns that really work. Discover how we can multiply your company’s sales.

Why Choose Latin Launch?

At Latin Launch, we deliver impactful results. With our meticulously designed campaigns, our clients enjoy:

Competitive Lead Costs💰


Our campaigns are fine-tuned to bring in leads at an average cost of $70.

Impressive Conversion Rates📈


Expect a robust conversion rate of 20-30%, ensuring your investment translates into tangible outcomes.

Cost-effective Customer Acquisition💸

On average, our clients acquire new customers with an investment of $300 to $500 each.

Transforming Digital Strategies into Tangible Growth

1️⃣ Sign Up and Onboarding

Fill out our form to specify your advertising goals, target market, and other preferences. No login details are required; we manage your campaigns through our own advanced tools.

2️⃣ Strategy Development

Our team crafts an advertising strategy tailored to your business, which includes market research and competitor analysis.

3️⃣ Campaign Execution

We set up, manage, and optimize your ad campaigns on platforms like Google, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

4️⃣ Monthly Reports

You’ll receive comprehensive monthly reports that detail your campaign’s performance, including metrics like ROI, reach, and engagement.

You ask, we answer

Browse our FAQs for quick, clear answers to your most common questions.

Our advertising services expand your visibility and reach potential customers at the right moment, using precise targeting to attract individuals specifically interested in moving services. This significantly increases bookings by enhancing brand recognition and optimizing conversion rates through effective ads and landing pages.

The costs of our advertising services are primarily based on the reach and type of campaign selected, including costs per click (CPC) or per acquisition (CPA). Factors such as market targeting, platform choice, and campaign intensity influence the final cost. We offer customized plans to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring efficient investment with a clear return on investment (ROI).

Besides campaign execution, our costs include market analysis, campaign adjustments, monthly performance reports and ad creation.

No. Our approach to pricing is entirely transparent, with no hidden fees or additional costs.

Our team of experts will conduct a thorough market and industry analysis, ensuring that advertising strategies align with your business objectives.

We value your data privacy. Only necessary permissions are requested during the onboarding process, and all information is securely stored.

Ready to Write Your Own Success Story?

Let’s embark on this journey together. Discover what Latin Launch can do for you and watch as we transform digital marketing strategies into real victories for your moving business.

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